Case study

A/C Pro let drivers know a ‘cooler’ journey could be closer than they think

A/C Pro provides DIY solutions for drivers sweltering with broken air conditioners. While essential workers drove to their jobs in the summer heat, OH Partners strategized on behalf of A/C Pro to develop a digital media mix for comprehensive outreach. A key pillar of their strategy included customized solutions with Waze Brand Campaigns, perfect for reaching drivers on the road. With Branded Pins and Zero Speed Takeovers, essential workers en route to their jobs could rest easy, knowing exactly where to go should their climate control hit a snag.

Valuable targeting for uncertain times

Though OH Partners and A/C Pro weren’t sure what to expect from running an ad campaign during COVID-19, they were eager to give it a shot. They directed their outreach based on weather data, showcasing solutions for automobile air conditioning on days when the local climate was sunny and hot.

Uplifts across brand and sales

With Branded Pins, A/C Pro showcased results that were double the benchmark metrics. Data from Search and Zero Speed Takeovers also significantly exceeded expectations. When compared to the client’s own data, OH Partners saw the results from Waze Ad Campaigns mirrored in information collected on cubic foot traffic. Sales grew year-over-year, and A/C Pro experienced a nice brand uplift.

The client saw an increase in sales year over year, and their brand lift increased as well. What was really, really great was the level of reporting Waze provided.
Sarah Curtis, Paid Search Strategist with OH Partners

Seamless communications across the board

For OH Partners, analyzing all this data was a breeze. The agency was able to quickly understand the impact of their client’s performance, and clearly relay the good news back to them.

All the information the agency received from Waze, from the details of the marketing campaigns to a reader-friendly wrap-up report, were easily understandable and digestible. “The level of reporting Waze provides is fantastic,” says Sarah Curtis, Paid Search Strategist with OH Partners. This gave the agency a leg up when it came to pulling together all the information for the client. They were able to clearly communicate the strategy, output, and future recommendations without a hitch, preparing A/C Pro for their next steps in keeping drivers cool, comfortable, and in control.

Get started

The Goal

Integrate Waze Ad Campaigns into digital media mix to increase sales and foot traffic.

The Approach

Implemented Zero Speed Takeovers and Branded Pins via Waze Ad Campaigns and customized weather bidding.

The Results

Exceeded benchmarks for Search, Takeovers, and navigations on Branded Pins while increasing sales year-over-year.


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