Case study

Air France promoted its weekend Hop! card along drivers' vacation routes

Air France is one of Europe’s premier airlines, helping millions of travelers get away each year. To promote the Week-end Hop! Card, which gives access to discounts on more than 100 flights, Air France partnered with Waze to reach travelers along their holiday vacation routes.

Helping more travelers fly affordably

To promote Hop! and its fare promotions, Air France needed a way to reach potential travelers most inclined to take advantage of the discounted fares.

An innovative partnership takes off

For its short-haul flights, Air France looked to Waze in order to reach drivers along popular vacation routes that were along Hop! flight paths. Takeover ads were shown to motorists in 244 motorway areas on routes between the cities of Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, and Toulouse — destinations covered by Hop! flights.

We wanted to innovate and use untapped advertising channels. The Waze application convinced us of the possibility of sending geolocal and contextualised messages to a target population that undertakes trips also operated by the company.
Hugo Grimmer, Programmatic Media Trader, Air France

Top-flight results

Air France reached more than 660K unique Wazers with ads on the map in just 18 days, garnering more than 1.1M impressions. Thanks to their partnership with Waze, Air France helped more travelers take to the skies affordably.

Get started

The Goal

Promote their Hop! discount program to travelers most inclined to take advantage of discounted fares.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to reach travelers along their vacation route and serve them Takeover ads promoting Hop! Flights.

The Results

Reached 660K unique Wazers in just 18 days, garnering over 1.1M impressions.


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