Case study

Autogrill drove 28K navigations to stores using seasonal offers

Italian-based catering company Autogrill was looking to boost awareness for its available seasonal offer and increase drives to their stores. To accomplish this, Autogrill combined all of Waze’s ad formats with powerful targeting during open hours.

Spreading the word about seasonal offers

Autogrill wanted to increase awareness of its seasonal offers while also increasing navigations to its 248 locations.

Making the most of Waze’s ad formats

Autogrill partnered with Waze to help promote its seasonal offers using an always-on combination of Pins, Arrows, and Search. Takeovers were used to complement these efforts during promotional hours in order to reach drivers with messaging they could take immediate action on, and influence visits to to its locations.

Digital can really boost in store sales and geo-localized promotions are becoming key in a successful marketing strategy. Waze has proven to be an effective platform both as digital traffic signs and as a convenient-stop assistant.
Elena Losito, CRM & Digital Transformation Leader

Autogrill becomes drivers’ automatic choice

Autogrill’s always-on approach helped generate 7.6M impressions on Waze, generating 28K navigations to its restaurants—twice the benchmark for the QSR category. After leveraging the power of Waze Ads, Autogrill had no problem letting customers know about their enticing seasonal offers.

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The Goal

Boost awareness for season offers and encourage visits to stores.

The Approach

Leverage Pins, Arrows, Search and Takeovers in Waze Ads during promotional hours.

The Results

Generated 7.6M impressions and 28K navigations to stores.


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