Waze will no longer serve Ads starting September 1, 2023.

We will wind down the current Waze Ads product and advertisers will have the opportunity to keep existing campaigns running through August 31, 2023.

We are already working to transition Waze Ads to Google Ads technology and look forward to helping advance your business objectives through our new Waze Ads product soon.

During this transition, we have an alternative solution you may already be familiar with: Performance Max for Store Goals (PMax). This Google campaign uses AI to maximize your in-store visits and sales by bringing geo formats across Search, Display, GMail, Google Maps, and YouTube into a single product. For questions on PMax, you can contact your existing Google channel of support or reach out to Google Support home page. You can also check out our Waze Support Hub if you have any Waze Ads questions.

Case study

Bank Mandiri used celebrity voice navigation to reach on-the-go millennials

In an age when digital clutter and noise is making it harder than ever for brands to be heard, Bank Mandiri used celebrity voice navigation on Waze from Badminton gold medalist and rising star athlete Jonatan “Jojo” Christie to communicate its message in a way that would truly resonate with on-the-go Millennials in Indonesia.

Cutting through the noise and reaching Millennials

Bank Mandiri, one of the largest banks in Indonesia, looked to increase awareness and relevance among Millennials, a high-potential segment for the bank who are saving, investing, and planning for the future.

A familiar voice leads the way

Bank Mandiri needed a way to cut through the noise and stand out from the crowd, especially with a fickle audience. With that in mind, Bank Mandiri teamed up with Waze and Badminton gold medalist Jonatan “Jojo” Christie, a popular figure with local Millennials. With Christie leading the way, Wazers could hear turn by turn directions and integrated brand messages through the voice of a revered personality — driving admiration and awareness for Bank Mandiri.

Partnering with Waze is a fun yet meaningful way for us to engage with the millennials who rely on their mobile devices for everyday needs.

Yoesman Sugianto, Executive VP Marketing, Bank Mandiri

Game, set, match — Mandiri wins!

Throughout the course of the campaigns more than 70K Wazers navigated with Jojo’s voice, clocking close to 500K hours over 8.5M km, or more than 5 hours per day helping Bank Mandiri to break through the noise to connect with Millennials on their journeys. Thanks to this innovative partnership, the campaign was honored with the Bronze Smarties award at MMA Indonesia.

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The Goal

Increase awareness and relevance among Millennials.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze and Badminton gold medalist Jonatan “Jojo” Christie to deliver directions through a star athlete’s familiar voice.

The Results

Generated over 500K hours of driving with Jojo’s voice (5 hours per day), reaching 70K drivers in the process.


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