Case study

Florida’s Bealls stores generated 13.5K+ navigations with tourist campaign

With more than 70 locations dotting the Sunshine State, Bealls Stores is a brand that still does most of its business at brick-and-mortar locations.

Given Florida has a very high tourist population, Bealls felt that Waze was the perfect platform to grab the attention of unfamiliar guests on-the-go and drive these new potential customers to its stores.

With Waze, Bealls realized they had an ad solution that could both reach drivers directly and encourage store visits in a tangible way.

A measurable approach to increasing store visits

Bealls’ marketing team had a simple goal: It wanted to drive more store visits. As a fiscally responsible, family-run company, Bealls makes sure to scrutinize every dollar. So on top of driving store visits, the company also wanted to invest in a marketing solution that delivers these results in a tangible, measurable way.

Making Bealls a click away

To encourage more drivers to navigate to its stores, Bealls joined forces with Waze. At the heart of its strategy were Search ads, Pins on the Waze map, and “Drive There” CTA Takeover ads,  which would direct drivers to a Bealls store with the click of a button. Together these Waze ad formats helped Bealls reach nearby drivers and encourage them to navigate to Bealls stores.

We’re interested in showing factual store motivation for our guests, meaning we’re looking for digital ways to ensure that our guests are finding our stores quickly and easily with data to back that up — which is why Waze has been a great partner for us.
Aaron Toynton, Divisional Vice President, Digital for Bealls Retail Group.

More Waze Ads, more store visits

Partnering with Waze paid off quickly for Bealls. After three months of running this campaign on the Waze map, Bealls was able to generate 13.5K store visits. They could also pinpoint the exact price for these results, calculating an ad spend of $3.21 per navigation. Additionally, they drove 4.7M impressions and 12.4K clicks. Overall, the Bealls marketing team was able to both drive sales as well as clearly measure the sales impact of its marketing spend with Waze.

Get started

The Goal

Drive more store visits, using a tactic that delivers tangible, measurable resultsand relevance among Millennials.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to launch “Drive There” CTAs on the Waze map that encourages navigations to Bealls stores.

The Results

Bealls was able to generate 13.5K store visits calculating an ad spend of $3.21 per navigation.


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