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Bennet draws in customers to newly reopened stores and malls after the pandemic restrictions

From its inception as a grocery shop and delicatessen in the 1960s, Bennet has grown into a major Italian brand with well-recognized stores and shopping malls. Expanding into real estate, the brand now manages 74 stores and 50 wholly-owned malls.

In 2016, Bennet launched an e-commerce business component, rapidly building up to 60 click-and-collect locations. Throughout its evolution, the team had worked with Waze on various campaigns and once again turned to their long-time partner when they wanted to let customers know of store openings following Italy’s easing pandemic restrictions.

Reaching shoppers during a hot summer

In the summer of 2021, Bennet was allowed to open up its malls again—selling more than just the essential items allowed during the pandemic. They also sought to encourage customers to stop by stores and malls in June — a month when most people prefer to go outside or on vacation with friends instead of shop indoors after the hard lockdown period.

“We planned our campaign with Waze,” says Bennet CMO Simone Pescatore, “because we thought that it would be the best action to increase profits and let everyone know that we are open. The best way to say: Hey, we are here!”

Multiple ad formats to increase navigations

To spread the word about their store and mall re-openings, message new offers, and ultimately drive footfall to their stores, Bennet launched several ad formats on Waze. The team ran a comprehensive campaign for two weeks promoting 73 Bennet locations with Pins, Arrows, Takeovers, and Search ads. They developed two creatives, rotating the first one out after the first week. Simone knew shifting the campaign to digital was key to bringing in more customers through the doors. “Ten years ago, we would have planned this campaign with billboards, newspapers, radio, and maybe a banner on the building,” he says. “This time, we’re switching the whole campaign to digital.”

“The results were outstanding. The campaign gives an understanding of how digital advertising is completely changing the marketing and communication landscape.”

Simone Pescatore, CMO, Bennet

Growing market share across stores and e-commerce

Overall, the campaign generated 12.7k visits to stores. Bennet also grew both its online and offline businesses, seeing a 9% increase in total customers since June 2020. Ticket sales rose by 14% compared to June 2020, and total market share gained 7% in the same period. They saw 8% total turnover compared to June 2020. The supermarket chain plans to continue its collaboration with Waze. “Waze helps us bring traffic to our malls,” says Simone. “We’re talking about a long-term partnership. This is not just one campaign, but it’s going to become an ongoing marketing strategy.”

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Increase visibility across Bennet locations, generate awareness of offers, and grow traffic to stores and shopping malls.


Launched Pins, Arrows, Takeovers, and Search ads on Waze across 73 Bennet locations for two weeks.


The campaign generated 3.3K navigations and grew Bennet’s market share by 7.5%, along with an increase of 14% in tickets vs. June 2020 and a 7% total market share gain vs. June 2020.


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