Case study

Here’s how Burger King used targeted ads to launch their Master Burger

There are people who like burgers — and then there are people who never pass up the opportunity for a burger. In this campaign, Burger King wanted to reach the latter group, which they labeled as “burger super eaters.” To do this, Burger King used Waze Ads to amplify its out-of-home (OOH) campaign in areas with high traffic from burger eaters. A geomarketing analysis identified the main navigation patterns made by “burger super eaters,” and defined the target audience as drivers within 100m of a selection of OOH billboards and within 5 km of Burger King restaurants. The campaign also targeted users driving to fast food restaurants.

A burger fit for a king

Burger King wanted to supplement its OOH campaign with ads on Waze to promote the launch of its new high-end burger in France and drive customers to its stores.

Strengthening out of home campaigns with Waze Ads

Burger King turned to Waze to help complement its traditional billboards with Pins and Takeovers in Waze that reinforced the campaign messaging. With a joint offline and online approach, Burger King looked to help boost ad recall and drive foot traffic to their physical locations. Leveraging advanced targeting capabilities, the campaign focused on “burger super eaters,” defined as drivers in close proximity to Burger King’s traditional billboards as well as those navigating to competing fast food restaurants in order to deliver the greatest impact.

Synching Waze to our OOH campaign in areas over-indexing heavy-burger eaters drove +7% sales of our new Master Burger range.
Alexandra Laviolette, Marketing & Digital Media Manager, Burger King France

Burger lovers have it their way

Burger King’s campaign on Waze received 2M impressions and generated 47K store visits. By complementing their traditional out of home campaign with Waze, Burger King stores received a 4.7x navigation lift among drivers who saw both OOH and Waze ads, and the campaign achieved a 393% increase in ad recall. In its effort to attract burger lovers, it looks like Burger King is taking the crown.

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The Goal

Promote the launch of Burger King’s new high-end burger and generate drives to restaurant locations.

The Approach

Complement its traditional billboard campaigns by targeting drivers near billboards or on their way to competing fast food chains and serving them Pins and Takeovers in Waze.

The Results

Generated 2M impressions, 47K store visits, while driving a 4.7X navigation lift and 393% increase in ad recall.


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