Case study

Yes, Burger King really did deliver Whoppers to consumers stuck in traffic

It’s just a fact: nothing lifts your mood quite like a delicious burger. And no one needs a mood booster quite like a person stuck in a traffic jam. That’s why Burger King partnered with Waze for a groundbreaking campaign that delivered Whoppers directly to customers stuck in traffic — offering frustrated drivers the ultimate surprise-and-delight moment.

Promoting powerful delivery capabilities

Burger King wanted to increase delivery orders by promoting this capability in a novel and unexpected way using Waze.

Meet the traffic jam Whopper

By leveraging Waze’s insights on traffic and drivers’ real-time data, the delivery zones changed based on real-time traffic updates, making delivery available when a gridlock was identified within a 3 km radius from the brand’s restaurants. When a driver entered these zones, they’d receive Waze Takeover ads and push notifications inviting them to order a Whopper with a hands-free Voice-activated ordering feature. Meanwhile, Burger King dynamically adjusted their roadside billboard content, displaying information about the remaining time in traffic to order a Whopper as well as personalized updates about deliveries in progress.

Burger King delivers

In just one week, Burger King increased delivery orders by 63%, and the brand’s daily app download rate increased by 44X to become the number one fast food app in Mexico. Similar programs in Los Angeles, São Paulo, and Shanghai were planned following the campaign. Judging by the swift increase in orders, it’s clear Burger King’s Waze-powered campaign was delivering.

Get started

The Goal

Increase delivery orders.

The Approach

Partner with Waze to detect drivers stuck in traffic and offer them a Whopper delivery.

The Results

Increased delivery orders by 63% and daily app download rate by 44X.


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