Case study

1.8M+ drivers drove with Chester’s voice in Cheeto’s in-car campaign

Cheetos is one of the most popular brands in Mexico and Latin America. And if you’ve ever enjoyed this crunchy snack, you’ve surely seen the brand’s mascot, Chester Cheetah, right there on the bag. As part of rebranding efforts, the character has received a complete makeover, sporting a whole new attitude and voice. Gone is the older, grumpy mascot, and in comes a more youthful, energetic cheetah. Cheetos brought their brand to life on Waze by giving users the option to be guided to their destination by navigation instructions in Chester’s new voice.

Bringing Chester to life

Cheetos hoped to bring some excitement to drivers’ trips, with a little help from Waze.  Cheetos was to generate brand awareness by offering navigation voice prompts by the iconic Chester Cheetah.

Spicing up the driving experience

Beyond just using Chester's voice, Cheetos worked with Waze to provide drivers with useful turn by turn directions. Using geo-targeted ad units on Waze, Cheetos crafted an ad campaign tailored to the context of a consumer’s drive, with distinct messaging from Chester Cheetah for weekends, specific route lengths, and Wazers’ destinations.

Our partnership with Waze was an excellent opportunity for us to bring consumers closer to us in a fun and original way. Working together with Waze gave the users the opportunity to hang out with our character Chester Cheetah through his voice while they were driving, diversifying our digital tools so we can have a bigger impact as a brand in a more digital and globalized world than ever.
José Eduardo Córdoba, Marketing Director, Cheetos

An immediate hit

The Cheetos campaign on Waze garnered 3.3M impressions, and generated 165K Chester Cheetah voice prompt downloads. Wazers made 1.8M drives with the branded Chester Cheetah voice prompt guiding them to their destination. Drivers were making their preference clear: they wanted Cheetos to come along for the ride.

Get started

The Goal

Boost awareness of the Cheetos re-brand.

The Approach

Enable Wazers to use voice prompts from Chester Cheetah himself, tailored to the context of each Wazer’s drive.

The Results

Generated 3.3M impressions, 165K voice prompt downloads and 1.8M drives with Chester’s voice guiding the way.


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