Case study

Citroen created a ‘clickable’ radio campaign to promote automobile sales

Citroën, along with the Mediacom/GroupM agency, partnered with Waze to run an 8-day promotional campaign for its after-sales services. To encourage engagement across the driver segment, the brand decided to synchronize its radio spots with Takeover ads on Waze.

Measuring a two-pronged approach 

To measure the success of the campaign, Mediacom/GroupM ran a study on a panel of more than 1200 drivers who had been exposed to radio only, or to Waze and radio together. Their goal was to analyze the effects of dual exposure on Citroën’s brand KPIs.

A powerful boost to traditional media

Through Waze, Citroën amplified the effects of their radio marketing. The double exposure of Takeover ads and radio spots significantly impacted brand awareness and ad recall, lifting metrics by 16% and 104%, respectively. What’s more, the double-media strategy increased driver intent to visit a Citroën dealership by 145%.

Together with radio, Waze enabled Citroën to promote its after-sale services — in ways that closely reflected the needs of potential customers — through its contextual offerings, and was remarkably efficient in attracting customers to our dealerships.
Philippe Boutron, Media Manager, Citroën France

Get started

The Goal

Raise brand awareness and increase customer intent to visit a Citroën dealership

The Approach

Synchronized radio spots with Takeover ads on Waze

The Results

+16% brand awareness
+104% ad recall
+145% intent to visit a Citroën dealership


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