Case Study

Citroën and Waze created an omnichannel experience that “made a radio campaign clickable"

Ever since Citroën hit the roads in 1919, they’ve led the way in terms of technological innovation. And the iconic French automobile brand brought that same inventive spirit to their advertising when they partnered with Waze to “turn the radio clickable.”  This immersive advertising experience leveraged a new targeting framework that synchronized Citroën’s radio campaign with Waze’s Zero-Speed Takeover ads. These state-of-the-artradio spots paired audio creative with actionable, turn by turn directions from Waze to better engage drivers. But the partnership didn’t end there. Citroën also worked with Waze to create an always-on campaign, encouraging 14 million Wazers to stay up-to-date on their car’s maintenance regularly.

Getting more drivers to the dealership

Whenever a driver turns on the radio, they open up an opportunity for a brand to build a relationship. That’s why Citroën wanted to take their radio spots to the next level, creating innovative campaigns that boost brand awareness, ad recall, and drives to dealerships.

Kicking into high gear

To make more engaging ads, Citroën paired its traditional radio spots with Waze Zero Speed Takeovers, or digital billboards, which made its radio “clickable.” This meant the ads provided actionable, turn-by-turn directions to dealerships. Users were prompted to explore Citroën dealerships with nearby locations marked by Pins on the Waze map. Zero Speed Takeover ads featured Citroën always-on seasonal promotions, including offers on automotive products.

Thanks to the radio complementarity, Waze has allowed Citroën to promote after sales offers which answer the needs of our prospects. By using the driving context, Waze has proved to be a remarkably efficient tool to drive traffic to our stores.
Philippe Boutron, Media Manager, Citroën France

More clicks, more dealership visits

By “turning the radio clickable” with ads on Waze, Citroën Take Over received an 82% ad recall increase (Lift of Radio + Waze against Radio alone, as determined by a Group M panel). These ads reached more than 5M unique users and led to 39K drives to dealerships as a result of the campaign.

Get started

The Goal

Increase brand awareness, ad recall and drives to Citroën dealerships.

The Approach

Partner with Waze to craft clickable and always-on radio campaigns.

The Results

Boosted ad recall by 82%, reached 5M unique users and drove 39K dealership visits.


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