Case study

Community Health Network partnered with Waze to increase awareness and traffic

Community Health Network has set itself apart in the Indianapolis area as an innovative, patient-first healthcare provider. Ranked as one of the nation’s most integrated healthcare systems, Community is there whether a patient needs acute care, surgery, home care services, or a MedCheck clinic visit. Community wanted to spread the word about its comprehensive range of services — and deliver this messaging in a unique way. Community typically tried to reach drivers through billboard campaigns, but the brand wanted to leverage Waze Ads to help its messaging stand out from the crowd. Community quickly found that using Waze Ads to boost brand awareness far exceeded expectations.

A brand that puts patients first

Community Health Network wanted to partner with Waze to boost brand awareness and encourage more drivers to visit its healthcare centers, either at the moment or on a future date.

Making the most of Waze Ad solutions

With its first foray into Waze Ads, Community Health Network wanted to use all of the ad solutions at its disposal. It launched a combination of Pins, Search, and Takeover ads to boost brand awareness and encourage navigation to Community Health Network locations. At the heart of its campaign was Community’s tagline: “Exceptional care, simply delivered.” No matter where its potential patients were, Community Health Network wanted them to know that its team of highly trained doctors and nurses are there to help.

Waze was a new advertising option for us, so initially, we were unsure how it would perform, but it over-exceeded our expectations. Community Health Network was able to reach a new audience through the Waze app and understand driver behavior when it came to navigating to our MedCheck and hospital locations. We look forward to working more with Waze in the near future.
Christina Summers, Digital Marketing Manager, Community Health Network

A successful campaign -- and the potential for more

Community Health Network’s marketing strategy is all about getting eyeballs on its brand and setting itself apart from the competition. With that in mind, Community’s first Waze Ads campaign was a major success. When it came to Pin navigation rate, Community far exceeded its benchmarks, driving a 1.28% navigation rate (versus a benchmark of .06 to .15%). In addition to a successful campaign, working with Waze helped Community Health Network generate useful internal data and better understand the behavior of drivers. The Community team was able to see the locations drivers chose in certain scenarios and which locations received the most traffic. These were valuable learnings that Community Health Network looks forward to leveraging in future Waze Ads campaigns.

Get started

The Goal

Drive brand awareness among drivers around the Indianapolis area.

The Approach

Used a combination of Waze’s Pins, Search and Takeover ads to spread brand messaging.

The Results

Generated a 1.28% Pin navigation rate, far exceeding their initial benchmark of .06 to .15%, while also gathering valuable internal data about customer behavior to apply in future campaigns.


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