Connected car commerce in 2023: 3 must-know takeaways for visionary marketers

By 2026, it’s projected that 72% of drivers — or almost 3 or every 4 drivers — will drive connected vehicles. Mobility is expanding and evolving, and cars are becoming more like smartphones on wheels. For marketers, connected drivers represent a valuable audience that should be considered a strategic priority.

The connected driver is an early adopter and a dynamic consumer with a household income that exceeds $114,000 per year on average. Our latest report explores why marketers should build the connected car market into their strategies — and how they can get started expanding their reach to this important demographic.

Read now to learn about:

  • The connected car market in 2023
  • How the average advertiser can increase store visits by 5% within just one week
  • The future opportunity of connected cars for marketers

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