Case study

Cosmetics brand Kiko Milano drove 307% lift in navigations to stores during reopening

Italian cosmetics company Kiko Milano always launches a campaign to spread the word about its annual summer sale. But this year the retailer had a second message for its customers: All of its hundreds of locations around the country, including those whose hours had been limited because of the Covid-19 pandemic, were fully open for business.

Kiko Milano turned to Waze to inform customers about discounts, let them know about nearby locations, and guide them to the stores. The innovative campaign far exceeded the company’s expectations.

Reconnecting with shoppers

During the global health crisis, the Italian government tried to combat crowds by closing shopping malls on weekends. Companies like Kiko Milano, which relies on shopping malls for up to 60% of its total sales, had to face a big challenge.

The collaboration with Waze started in May, when restrictions on weekend hours were lifted. “Our consumers love spending the weekends in shopping malls and  most of its locations are outside the city centers”, says Silvia Lonati, Kiko Milano's Global Media Coordinator, “meaning they are most often reached by car”. Lonati says that’s why it made sense to partner with Waze on a multipronged campaign designed to drive traffic to 186 of its Italian stores.

Launching a comprehensive campaign

For the month of July, Kiko Milano spread the word about its summer sale through a combination of Pins, Searches, and Takeover ads on Waze. Pins were used to increase awareness about locations, while Searches provided detailed driving directions. Takeovers included specific details about what deals customers could expect when they walked through the door.

Waze was an important part of the overall campaign, which included components that were both online (such as social media, always a part of Kiko Milano’s marketing strategy) and offline (radio, a more unusual avenue for the company.)

“We used the combination of online and offline media to create a strong reach,” says Lonati. “Waze was the cherry on the cake for our campaign.”

With Waze, we targeted the consumers where they were and sent them a strong message. That’s what drove this success.

Silvia Lonati, Global Media Coordinator, Kiko Milano

Connecting with half the users in Italy

Lonati says the results speak for themselves. 1.1M consumers were exposed to the campaign.

The most impressive number was that navigation lift — which measures whether users are more likely to navigate to a store after seeing an ad — was 307% above the benchmark. The ad recall was also measured, and consumers exposed to Kiko’s ads remembered the brand 119% more than unexposed ones.

“With Waze, we targeted the consumers where they were and sent them a strong message,” says Lonati. “That’s what drove this success. Obviously we want to replicate this strategy for Black Friday and other important periods for our brand.”

Get started


Boost awareness of the brand’s annual summer sale, inform customers about nearby retail locations, and give them directions to the door. Let customers know that all of the brand’s locations are now open on weekends.


Make Waze a key part of an integrated marketing campaign. Take advantage of Waze’s Pins, Searches, and Takeover ads to attract customers driving to 197 of the brand’s retail locations.


The campaign reached 1.1M consumers around Kiko’s stores generating a navigation lift of 307%.


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