How to remain a destination brand as the UK starts moving again

With lockdowns and restrictions tightening, easing, and retightening across countries, consumers around the world have changed their approach to mobility and shopping. Many people are rethinking their actions and priorities due to concerns over economic stability and public health. A different set of consumer values is emerging, driving new patterns of behavior.

For example, brand loyalty is giving way to lower prices. In the UK, 87% of consumers are now looking for cheaper alternatives as they prepare for or navigate financial instability. Additionally, community values have become an even greater factor in decision-making. Over half of UK consumers are paying more attention to shopping locally, and also prefer to spend at socially-conscious businesses that have taken a stand in the interest of public health.

As your business adjusts to a recalibrated world, Waze can help you communicate the right message at the right time, re-instilling consumer trust. As people try to achieve more to-dos in a single outing, location and proximity have become top priorities. This means that in-the-moment driver behaviors are more important than ever.

Watch our video to learn how Waze can help you better communicate your brand, develop a strong presence during key customer moments, and craft emotional connections with consumers who are back on the road. Restore navigations to your retail locations, and make your brand the destination in a safe and utilitarian way — offering people the information they need, when and where they need it most.


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