Waze will no longer serve Ads starting September 1, 2023.

We will wind down the current Waze Ads product and advertisers will have the opportunity to keep existing campaigns running through August 31, 2023.

We are already working to transition Waze Ads to Google Ads technology and look forward to helping advance your business objectives through our new Waze Ads product soon.

During this transition, we have an alternative solution you may already be familiar with: Performance Max for Store Goals (PMax). This Google campaign uses AI to maximize your in-store visits and sales by bringing geo formats across Search, Display, GMail, Google Maps, and YouTube into a single product. For questions on PMax, you can contact your existing Google channel of support or reach out to Google Support home page. You can also check out our Waze Support Hub if you have any Waze Ads questions.

Case study

Domex turned roadside Manila bathrooms into Domex Certified clean toilets

In Manila during the All Saints and All Souls Day, the roads are packed with holiday travelers driving to visit family and celebrate. Along the way, many drivers will make stops to look for clean toilets. Cleaning product brand Domex saw this busy time as a key marketing opportunity. Domex shifted from their usual TV ads and partnered with Waze and Shell to allow families to experience its cleaning products firsthand by transforming these dreaded pit stop bathrooms into Domex Certified clean toilets.

A busy time on the roads

During the All Saints and All Souls holiday, a peak traffic period in Manila, Domex looked to make holiday travel easier for drivers while also showcasing their cleaning products. They hoped to drive brand awareness by helping drivers transform highway bathroom stops into Domex Certified clean toilets.

Making holiday travel that much smoother

To drive awareness of this marketing activation, Domex leveraged Waze Ads in order to reach families on the go during this high-travel holiday period. With Waze, Domex was able to identify Shell fuel stations along Luzon expressways with the most traffic, then cleaned these stations’ restrooms, transforming them into Domex Certified Toilets. Through Takeover ads on Waze, Domex notified drivers of which Shell locations had Domex Certified Toilets. If a driver felt it was time to make a stop, they could simply click the Drive There CTA and Waze would help navigate them to these restrooms using a Drive There CTA. Once at the pit stop, drivers would find samples of Domex products, giving them the ability to bring the Domex experience home with them.

Cleaner travel, more Domex sales

Over the holiday period, the campaign reached nearly half (45%) of all Wazers in Manila, generating 5,000 navigations to Domex Certified Toilets. This resulted in a 21% Increase in weekly sales for Domex cleaning products. Thanks to their partnership with Waze, Domex was able to make the most of this special time in Manila.

Get started

The Goal

Drive brand awareness during a travel-heavy time of year while embracing experiential marketing.

The Approach

Use Takeover ads on Waze to drive navigations to Domex Certified Toilets.

The Results

Reached 45% of all Wazers in Manila, generating 5,000 navigations to Domex Certified Toilets and a 21% increase in weekly sales of Domex cleaning products.


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