Case Study

Award-winning Going Gold campaign raised awareness of childhood cancer on Waze

Dunkin’s Going Gold program is an award-winning initiative that raises awareness and money for some of the most courageous among us: children fighting cancer. Dunkin’ partnered with Waze to reach millions of drivers across the country and turn the map Gold by running special Gold Pins to note Dunkin' stores. Dunkin’ also launched the special Going Gold voice pack, with navigation guidance provided by children affected with cancer. This gave Wazers the opportunity to hear the voices of these kids every day in the app and participate in this awareness campaign during their daily drives.

Thanks to these creative integrations with Waze, the campaign was recognized with an IAC award for Best Advocacy / Best in Show Voice Skill or Action and two MMA Smarties X awards for Social Impact/Not for Profit and Mobile Native. 

Raising awareness for courageous young fighters

Dunkin’ and the Joy in Childhood Foundation sought to raise awareness of childhood cancer amongst the Waze community. They also wanted to raise money to help children affected by cancer experience the simple joys of being a kid by sending them to 10 special camps around the country specializing in bringing joy to young patients.

The Waze map goes gold

Waze partnered with Dunkin’ to turn the Waze map gold and offer Wazers the chance to download a special Going Gold Change Voice pack with navigation guidance recorded by children who have been afflicted by cancer.

For every download of the Change Voice pack during September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Dunkin’ donated to the Joy in Childhood Foundation, up to $100,000. Moreover, Dunkin’ locations on the Waze map were marked by gold Pins, as the color gold has signified support for childhood cancer for more than 20 years.

I loved the idea of having gold on the map… Waze is omnipresent… and being able to interact with people in their cars was special. My expectations were exceeded in terms of the number of people who saw, downloaded, and kept [these voices] on, as well as the amount of conversations it created on social media around the importance of childhood cancer, and of people recognizing it. I think it was a great program, and I can’t wait to make it even bigger next year.
Kari McHugh, Executive Director, Joy In Childhood Foundation, Dunkin’ Brands

Reaching drivers, spreading joy

The campaign raised $100,000 for the Joy in Childhood Foundation. The custom voice was downloaded nearly 474,000 times. People drove with this voice pack more than 1.2M times, representing more than 840,000 hours of driving. Thanks to Dunkin’s passionate advocacy and Waze’s extensive reach, the Joy in Childhood Foundation was able to put smiles on the faces of young patients around the country.

Get started

The Goal

Raise awareness and money for children fighting cancer.

The Approach

Offered Wazers the Change Voice pack, which provided navigation instructions voiced by children fighting cancer and enabled Wazers to turn their map gold.

The Results

Raised $100,000 for the Joy in Childhood Foundation and drove more than 474,000 downloads of the Change Voice pack.


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