Case study

Dunkin’ Donuts offered on-the-go drivers ‘order ahead’ options

If you’re like most people, you probably wake up in the morning with a craving for coffee. That’s why popular coffee brand Dunkin’ wanted to make it as easy as possible for on-the-go customers to grab their daily coffee fix. To accomplish this, Dunkin’ partnered with Waze to build a first-to-market, deep-linking solution connecting an advertiser’s store location on Waze to a proprietary in-app ordering system. This enabled customers to save time both on the road and in line with the On The Go Mobile ordering system via Waze.

Helping coffee drinkers skip the line

Grabbing a cup of coffee is essential to many people’s morning routines — but it can also take up a bit of time. Dunkin’ was looking to save consumers time both on the road and in line by connecting its On The Go Mobile Ordering system to the Waze map.

Dunkin’ joins forces with Waze

This campaign provided Dunkin’ the opportunity to deep link its loyalty app with Waze to provide order-ahead capabilities to on-the-go customers directly through the Waze map. This innovative in-app experience enabled Wazers to quickly find the nearest Dunkin’ location, click “Order Ahead,” customize their order, then pick up their order right off the counter — without having to waste time in line

More Wazers run on Dunkin’

Dunkin’ generated over 10.6M “Order Ahead” CTA button clicks in the first month of launch. And thanks to this Waze-powered campaign, on-the-go coffee lovers were able to run on Dunkin’ — without any speed bumps.

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The Goal

Save consumers time on the road and in line by making it easier to order ahead.

The Approach

Connect the Dunkin’ loyalty app with Waze to help customers quickly order ahead.

The Results

Generated 10.6M “Order Ahead” CTA button clicks in the first month of the campaign.


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