Case study

Ecosystem reached drivers near recycling points and drove 13K collections

As a specialist in heating, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitary work, French energy brand Ecosystem never passes up an opportunity to educate consumers about eco-friendly practices.To inform Wazers of the existence of collection points and the ease of recycling old household electric appliances, Ecosystem partnered with Waze to reach nearby drivers with ads on the map.

Spreading an eco-friendly message

Ecosystem was looking for a way to increase awareness of nearby collection points where people could recycle old household electronic appliances.

Waze puts responsible recycling on the map

Ecosystem teamed up with Waze to increase the visibility of collection points and grant easier access to Wazers, as well as educate tourists in different areas about responsible recycling. Ecosystem used Pins and Search on Waze to let users know that a collection point is nearby, and that they can recycle easily. Takeovers made drivers aware when their trips were in close proximity to a collection point.

A campaign with impact

With 6.3M engagements and 58K navigations, Ecosystem’s ads on Waze were a huge success. The campaign was also highly effective at turning engagement into action, as the Ecosystem ads generated 13K registrations of recycling collection points.

Get started

The Goal

Increase awareness of nearby collection points so people can recycle old electronic appliances more easily.

The Approach

Used Pins, Search and Takeover ads on Waze to alert users when a collection point is close by.

The Results

Generated 6.3M engagements, 58K navigations and 13K registrations of recycling collection points.


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