Case study

How Florence Hardware stood out in a crowded market

Florence Hardware knows how competitive the hardware market is. The locally owned stored is situated less than two miles from major hardware chains, which means Florence Hardware needs a way to stand out in a crowded market. Their strategy? Use Waze Ads to attract local customers—especially those who might be new to town—including construction workers, handymen, and other “core partners.”

A crowded field of competitors

Florence Hardware wanted to be the first place local consumers thought of when they had hardware needs. That’s why its primary goal was increasing brand awareness. The team at Florence Hardware wanted customers to know who they are, what differentiates them for their competition, and what they specialize in. The business also wanted to increase store visits.

Reaching drivers where they are

To meet these goals, Florence Hardware found a powerful partner in Waze. The brand used Pins and Search to target nearby drivers and highlight in-stock products to drive store visits,  build brand awareness, and stand out among their competitors.

Our walk-in traffic has been absolutely numbers shattering compared to anything before. Marketing is kind of a hard metric, because people are coming in and saying, “I found you on Waze.” If someone is getting directions here, that’s a true hard measurement.
Steven Swann, President, Florence Hardware

More awareness, more visits

This campaign delivered over one navigation per day in the first month it was live on the map. In just a short period of time, the Florence Hardware brand was able to set itself apart in the crowded world of hardware.

Get started

The Goal

Increase brand awareness and store visits.

The Approach

Use Pins and Search to reach local drivers and highlight in-stock products.

The Results

A monthly average of one navigation per day shortly after the campaign’s launch.


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