Forrester: Restaurants turn to digital out-of-home to increase footfall

Quick-service dining is a highly competitive market, and driving traffic remains a key priority. Marketers can do more to optimize for the last mile that drives customers to brick-and-mortar locations. On-the-go consumers represent a critical — and largely untapped — context for advertising, where targeted messages influence buyer behavior at the moment they are most ready to act.

Research from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Waze, reveals how quick-service restaurants (QSR) must differentiate themselves and cut through the noise to intercept the cross-country road trippers, the family headed home from soccer practice, or the coffee starved employee on their way to work.

Key findings

  • Digital out-of-home is an area of growth for QSRs.
    Digital out-of-home advertising is the fastest growing area of advertising investment for QSR marketers, with the majority likely to consider it as part of their omnichannel strategies.
  • QSR marketers seek increased restaurant traffic and expect that digital out-of-home can deliver.
    88% of QSR marketers say traffic to their brand locations is a critical or high marketing priority, and two-thirds expect digital out-of-home ads to drive more visits.
  • QSRs must evangelize the value of digital out-of-home to recognize its full potential.
    Savvy QSR marketers must educate their organizations about the value they could realize from implementing digital out-of-home campaigns.

Download the full report to learn why global marketing leaders turn to digital out-of-home as a critical piece of their omnichannel strategy and why it’s become a leading category for advertising investment.

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