Forrester: Retailers reach for consumers in the last mile, when they’re poised to act

When it comes to retail, customers have an abundance of choice; a drive down the highway reveals one shopping center after another, each trying to entice shoppers to pull over, browse, and make a purchase. To succeed, retailers must find effective ways to grab consumers’ attention while they are on the go.

Research from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Waze, shows that marketers who can tap into on-the-go as an advertising context can better optimize the last mile of getting customers into stores, influencing customer behavior at a moment when they are poised to act.

Key findings

  • Retailers struggle to reach consumers at key moments of influence
    Three out of four retailers agree that their organizations struggle to reach their target audiences at influential moments.
  • Retailers are early adopters of digital out-of-home advertising, with investment poised to grow
    More than one-third of retailers already look to digital out-of-home to intercept consumers at critical opportunities.
  • Digital out-of-home delivers on marketing priorities.
    More than three-quarters of retail marketers expect or have already seen increased sales volume due to digital out-of-home advertising.

Download the full report to learn why global marketing leaders turn to digital out-of-home as a critical piece of their omnichannel strategy and why it’s become a leading category for advertising investment.

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