Forrester: The cost savings and business benefits enabled by Waze

Forrester Consulting, in a study commissioned by Waze, conducted a panel of interviews with Waze Ads customers to learn the before and after financial impact of deploying Waze Ads. Their findings? Businesses who invest in Waze Ads see an immediate return on ad spend (ROAS) of 17:1.*

By adopting Waze Ads as part of their marketing mix, businesses see an increase in profits stemming from increases in foot traffic, conversion rate, and average order value.

See how Waze Ads drives significant business value

In this report, learn how Waze Ads helps increase sales and profit by:

  • Driving an 8%* increase in visits to business locations
    With Pins, Search, and Takeovers, and ad activation based on both radius and frequency, Waze ads are effective in reaching the interviewed companies’ target audiences closer to the point of decision making, making it more likely consumers will decide to navigate to their stores.
  • Delivering gains in conversion rate and average order value
    Interviewed organizations pointed out that consumers directed to stores from Waze ads had a 13%* higher conversion rate than average, and 7%* higher average order value, given the ability to target key demographics at key points in time.
  • Improving customer lifetime value and brand loyalty
    In addition to the quantifiable benefits, Forrester expects there to be a corresponding impact on customer lifetime value and brand loyalty due to the increases in store visits, conversion rate, and average order value from partnering with Waze.

Download the full report to learn about the business benefits you can achieve with Waze Ads.

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* Forrester's model organization used to estimate these results is a global organization whose advertisers use out-of-home and traditional media to drive traffic to their stores. The results are not an offer, guarantee, or a price quote from Waze.


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