Forrester: Intercept consumers on the go with digital out-of-home ads

Forrester Consulting, in a study commissioned by Waze, surveyed marketing executives around the globe to understand the role digital out-of-home plays in the customer journey. The overwhelming answer: Leading marketers turn to digital out-of-home advertising to reach consumers at critical moments of influence. 

By reaching on-the-go consumers in the last mile of the customer journey, brands are able to drive consumers to their physical storefronts and drive real business results.

Discover why top marketers turn to digital out-of-home ads

  • Is a key piece of an omnichannel strategy
    The top reason global brands adopt digital out-of-home is to reach consumers at  critical moments of the customer journey when they’re most likely to make a purchase.
  • Connects brands with high-value customers
    In-person visitors are a priority for marketers since they’re rated as 74% more loyal and 72% more valuable customers.
  • Helps deliver gains in both sales frequency and basket size
    Marketers whose brands use this form of advertising estimate a weighted average 9.1% increase in the volume of sales and an 8.3% increase in the size of sales.

Download the full report to learn why global marketing leaders turn to digital out-of-home as a critical piece of their omnichannel strategy and why it’s become a leading category for advertising investment.

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