Case study

GTMA helps local students find affordable housing

For a dense market like Philadelphia, local real estate thrives on students seeking out housing each year. But as you can imagine, the market is saturated with lots of students and lots of housing options, making it tough for some apartment complexes to stand out.

Award-winning digital marketing agency GTMA is all about setting up its real estate clients for success, giving them the tools and strategy they need to raise awareness and attract renters. GTMA decided to set these clients up with Waze to give them an affordable, easy-to-use way to drive impressions and stand out in crowded markets using hyperlocal targeting. What the GTMA team found was that student housing complexes like the View at Montgomery and Vantage in Philadelphia, were well-suited to make the most of the Waze map.

Helping college students find their dream apartment

GTMA’s real estate partners wanted a way to reach students in search of housing. By increasing exposure to a target audience in the immediate area on the Waze map, particularly to push out awareness heavily during orientation and parent’s weekends, they could drive exposure in effectively and efficiently.

Putting its clients on the map

In order to drive more exposure to students looking for housing, GTMA set up Philadelphia’s View at Montgomery and Vantage with Branded Pins and Search ads on the Waze map. This combination of formats helped these apartment complexes spread the word in an oversaturated, dense market of drivers who rely on Waze for their daily commute.

With Waze the metrics are actually there. When we see navigations or saved searches or saved locations on Waze, a client can read that in a report and immediately understand that that’s meaningful. So just on the bare metrics basis, I think Waze is very solid.
Christian Swanson, Director of Media Strategy, GTMA

Small spend, big results

In just a few months, one property was able to drive 1,184 navigations thanks to the Waze map. Meanwhile, another generated 2,517 navigations. The best part? Both apartment complexes spent only a few hundred dollars on these campaigns, which led to a cost per navigation of just $0.16 and $0.12 respectively. With help from Waze, GTMA was able to give its clients the crucial exposure and cost-effective results they were looking for.

Get started

The Goal

Increase exposure to on-the-go students looking for housing in an affordable, effective way.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to advertise its apartment complexes through Search and Pins on the Waze map.

The Results

Generated 1,184 navigations and 2,517 navigations for two student-housing clients, at a cost per navigation of $0.16 and $0.12 respectively.


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