Case study

Hering drove a 13% lift in sales leading up to Father’s Day

Hering, a traditional Fashion Retailer in Brazil, has earned a loyal base of customers thanks to their casual but high-quality clothing selection. The brand partnered with Waze to generate store visits during the busy commercial season of Father’s Day. To measure the impact of this campaign, Hering employed third-party testing to track store traffic increases, and used hardware and a system integration to determine sales lift.

Giving dads the gift of Hering

Hering approached Waze, challenging the platform to increase traffic in Hering’s stores and boost sales during the important commercial season of Father's Day.

Launching the campaign, measuring the impact

After using Waze Ads to strengthen their marketing, Hering wanted to see just how helpful this Waze partnership was. To demonstrate Waze’s effectiveness at increasing traffic to Hering’s locations over Father’s Day, GEOx, a third-party research provider, selected two groups of similar stores, creating an Exposed and Control Group that were compared after the Waze Ads campaign.

We see Waze as a strategic media partner that generates incremental store visits.
Rita Coelho, Head of Marketing, Hering

Waze meets the challenge

Waze proved that it could help Hering stand out from the crowd during a busy time of year, as well as deliver a valuable traffic increase to its 600+ stores. The retailer experienced a 32% uptick in store visits upon advertising with Waze, resulting in a 14% increase in sales during the campaign.

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The Goal

Increase store traffic around Father’s Day while measuring the impact of Waze Ads.

The Approach

Partner with Waze on a campaign, then use GEOx, a third-party research provider, to measure the campaign’s effectiveness.

The Results

Increased store visits by 32% and sales by 14%.


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