Case study

Pins alerting buyers to open houses helped Homesnap agents stand out

Today, there are over 2 million real estate agents in the United States. That’s some serious competition! Pins on Waze alerting potential buyers to open houses help Homesnap agents stand out to their potential seller leads, and lend a big assist when it comes to both listing acquisition and promoting homes for sale.

Helping sellers stand out in a competitive real estate market

Today’s real estate agents need more than just “For Sale” signs to help their homes stand out. That’s why Homesnap was looking to increase visibility of homes on the market and open houses to potential buyers, as well as increase the listing pool for agents. As Tony Zowd, a Coldwell Banker agent put it, “Waze is the best way to market in rural areas or any quiet street. Yard signs are the #3 way people find homes. On dead ends or Cul-de-sacs, there is no drive-by traffic so by having a virtual sign, it extends our reach to market and captures more audiences.”

Waze puts open house on the map

In order to make their homes more visible to potential buyers, Homesnap partnered with Waze. This campaign served hyper-local Pins to notify drivers of available homes and open houses in the area. Homesnap leveraged Waze in an always-on capacity to showcase available properties and prompt drivers to navigate to check them out.

One of the best parts of my listing presentations is that I advertise on Waze. Clients are most impressed that their listing will be advertised on the #1 GPS app. This helps me stand out from the competition as an agent that leaves no stone unturned… Waze drives traffic to the listings, especially Open Houses, thanks to ads shown to every driver at the closest red lights.

Tony Zowd, Realtor, Homesnap, Integrity Plus Network of Coldwell Banker

Further, as one Principal Software Engineer at Homesnap adds, “We found the Waze API to be modern and intuitive, with robust documentation that enabled our development team to execute with little fuss.” 

Homesnap hits a home run

The results of this partnership with Waze were felt almost immediately. Homesnap’s campaign on Waze has generated 230K Pin impressions and more than 350 navigations, on average, per month. Thanks to Waze’s Pins, Homesnap helped their real estate agents outpace the competition.

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The Goal

Increase visibility of on-the-market homes, traffic to open houses, and the listing pool for agents.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to serve hyper-local pins that let drivers know about nearby available homes and open houses.

The Results

Generated 230K Pin impressions and more than 350 navigations, on average, per month from this Waze-powered campaign.


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