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Hyundai increases consideration for electric and hybrid vehicles by helping drivers find charging stations

With guidance from Ekstend Group, Hyundai partnered with Waze to help 14 million drivers in France easily locate nearby electric vehicle charging stations. Hyundai launched this campaign in response to a strong demand from consumers, who had made it clear that finding charging stations was one of the top obstacles preventing them from purchasing an electric vehicle. Alongside this campaign, Hyundai launched a drive-to-store feature on Waze to help generate traffic to their dealerships and encourage test drives of their electric SUVs.

A driver-first campaign

Hyundai showcased electric charging stations on the Waze map through the Pins ad format. For this campaign, the Pins were designed by Innocean in Hyundai’s signature colors, associating the brand with the charging service. The Pins showed up for drivers who were nearby the stations, so they had a clear sense of where they were located. Hyundai also made it possible for drivers to specifically search for charging stations on Waze, which had been one of the top requests from the driver community.

Generating traffic to dealerships

In addition to launching Pins, Hyundai activated a drive-to-store campaign. While Takeovers promoted Hyundai’s electric and hybrid vehicles, Pins and Search Ad directed drivers the nearest Hyundai dealership.

The Pins offered by Waze fit perfectly with Hyundai’s strategy to establish our leadership in the electric vehicle market.

After the practical guide to engines and the planning of an electric vehicle route offered on our website, Hyundai went even further by indicating the electric charging stations located throughout France.

What’s more, thanks to the strategic advice of Ekstend Group and the work by Innocean, Hyundai is gaining visibility and boosting its image in electric technology. Waze and Hyundai are then seen as true partners for drivers.

Clementine Antunes, Head of Brand, Strategy & Communication, Hyundai Motor France

Increasing ad recall and brand perception

Pins not only helped Hyundai gain visibility to drivers, but also boosted the perception of the brand. 12M Pin impressions reached 3.2M unique drivers within just one month. According to a Google Consumer Survey of app users, the impressions were effective: 62% of Wazers recalled seeing one of the Hyundai ads on Waze, while 85% of Wazers reported that the Pins for the charging stations were useful to them.

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Increase awareness of Hyundai’s electric vehicles among key audiences


Launched a Waze campaign with Pins, helping drivers locate nearby charging stations and driving brand awareness


Reached 3.2M drivers with 12M Pin impressions


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