Case Study

Jumpcrew joins forces with Waze to drive more customers to their clients’ brick-and-mortar locations

Nashville-based outsourced sales and marketing  company JumpCrew is all about driving real, tangible value, and results for their clients.. JumpCrew’s Military Brands division ( and work with small, medium, and national brands to  connect them with the military audience and support local economies around military bases. “There’s a lot of noise in the marketing space about tools that don’t end up actually providing real value,” says JumpCrew CEO and founder Robert Henderson. So when JumpCrew partnered with Waze, they were excited to join forces with a solution that had the unique value proposition of navigating customers directly to brick-and-mortar locations. It doesn’t get much more concrete than that. Waze also helped JumpCrew’s Military Brands move entirely to a digital offering which includes sponsor articles, email marketing, banner ads, programmatic buying, a Military Trusted Badge, and Maps. This helped solidify the company's digital transformation mission from print to digital which offers trackable value to their customers.

JumpCrew’s Military Brands work closely with many small and medium-sized businesses across sectors. These smaller businesses are the backbone of the economy — and they’re working harder than ever to drive as much value as they can in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. By adding Waze Ads solutions to their value proposition, JumpCrew has been able to close more deals with small businesses and help these brands drive more impressions, more navigations and more measurable results.

Driving to store locations across a wide-ranging set of brands

JumpCrew’s Military Brands work to drive more navigations to brick-and-mortar locations on behalf of their diverse set of clients ranging from Retail and QSR to Hospitality, Real Estate, and even awareness amongst more niche categories such as Military.

Helping smaller brands make a bigger impact

The JumpCrew Military Brands team never passes up an opportunity to sell a solution that their clients recognize and respect. While Waze’s brand recognition is attractive to JumpCrew’s clients who may use the platform as drivers, Waze’s B2B facing tools are sometimes less familiar. JumpCrew quickly learned their way around the Waze dashboard so that they could launch Pins, Takeovers, and Search campaigns to raise brand awareness and encourage navigations to brick-and-mortar locations on behalf of their brand clients. Given JumpCrew’s expertise with Waze tools, and experience working with these tools for a broad range of clients, they are able to amplify the value of Waze Ads’ solutions for their brand partners.

We love Waze’s unique value proposition, which basically connects the dots between the awareness a brand builds across the web and how that leads to people actually driving to their location. Waze is uniquely positioned to measure if users are actually engaging with their brand and navigating to their locations.
Robert Henderson, CEO and Founder of JumpCrew

Charting a route forward with Waze

After trying out Waze, many of JumpCrew’s Military Brand clients came back for more Waze Ads packages that they could use at other brick-and-mortar locations. This was all JumpCrew needed to see to know their clients were pleased with the results Waze generated.

Amongst the many campaigns JumpCrew has run with Waze, results have included over 385 navigation and 155 clicks during the course of a one month flight. The tangible value has been clear.

As businesses big and small contend with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for measurable results is more important than ever. JumpCrew wants to continue to deliver these results with Waze, so that businesses can be certain their ad spend is driving real value.

Get started

The Goal

Drive tangible, measurable marketing results for the small and medium sized businesses that partner with JumpCrew’s Military Brands division.

The Approach

Set clients up with Waze to raise brand awareness and encourage navigations to brick-and-mortar locations.

The Results

Massive increases in impressions for clients, with many signing on for more Waze-powered marketing solutions.


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