Case Study

A Mexican start-up launches Waze ads to communicate new locations and increase navigations

Founded in 2016, Kavak buys and sells used cars across Latin America. After initially launching in Mexico City, the start-up expanded at a fast pace, opening offices in Monterrey, Puebla, and Guadalajara as well as in Argentina and Brazil. As e-commerce took on greater importance during the pandemic, Kavak began looking for a partner to help grow even further.

Applying lessons to new partnerships

Kavak had recently launched in Guadalajara, and was familiar with the challenge of positioning their brand in a new city. They had also had to postpone several new city openings — both national, and international — due to the pandemic. When they partnered with Waze, the company applied their learnings to design a campaign that would communicate site openings and generate navigations across various cities.

Multiple touchpoints along the journey

Kavak’s objective was to gradually connect with a driver by taking advantage of several of Waze’s ad formats: Arrows, Pins, Takeovers, and Search.

Their first touchpoint along the journey was Arrows, which a driver would encounter while browsing through the app. Arrows let a driver know, at the start of their drive, if there was a Kavak location within a 5km radius. Because Kavak knew that a user might already have a different destination in mind — and was likely not going to immediately buy or sell a car — they offered a “Save for later” option.

If a user was driving near a Kavak location, they would also see the site highlighted with a Pin. Once they were closer, Kavak would display a Takeover ad with messaging geared toward potential car buyers and sellers, and which communicated new site openings. As a final touchpoint, when the driver searched for a destination, Kavak appeared as a sponsor for various locations.

To supplement this digital journey, Kavak also launched an OOH strategy. In Guadalajara, for example, a customer might not be driving near a branch, but could still encounter an advertisement through television or radio.

With Waze and Kavak hand-in-hand in the automotive sector, all Wazers have a relevant opportunity to sell, buy, or exchange their car.
Joaquin Flores, VP Growth, Kavak

Regaining their foothold post-pandemic

With the new campaign, Kavak saw 8,667 navigations to their locations, an increase of almost 300%. They achieved 31,027 engagements and over 18 million impressions, impacting more than 1.9 million unique users. By Q4 of 2020, Kavak had recovered from their pandemic losses, and had re-positioned themselves to continue on their path to growth.

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The Goal

Communicate new site openings and drive navigations to stores.

The Approach

Launched multiple brand touchpoints in the customer journey through Arrows, Pins, Takeovers, and Search.

The Results

Achieved a 300% increase in navigations, and reached 1.9 million unique users.


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