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KFC generated unprecedented ROAS with drive-to-store campaign on Waze

KFC, looking to build brand awareness and increase traffic to its locations in France, developed a multi-channel strategy to reach hungry drivers – efficiently – in their moment of need.

Revamping media strategies

KFC’s media investments in France drive 30% of the brand’s revenue, creating exciting opportunities to experiment with and optimize media strategies. To that end, KFC partnered with ad agency Carat to develop a new multimedia strategy that included TV, OOH, and digital campaigns. Their goals included increasing brand awareness and growing restaurant traffic – on both local and national levels. To successfully activate their digital campaigns, KFC turned to Waze.

Purchasing decisions are very quick in the QSR sector, and a last mile communication solution like Waze allows us to be as close as possible to the consumer and influence their decision right up to the final moment.

Pierre Cailleau – Marketing Director, KFC, France

For the past two years, Waze and KFC have been working closely together to contribute to the success of KFC’s brand. With restaurants being the second most popular destination for Waze users in France, Waze is uniquely positioned to generate traffic to restaurant locations in the country.

Mass media with a strong local presence

KFC sought to grow awareness by activating Pins and Search at specific times of day, when users are more likely to be ready for a meal. This way, users on Waze could quickly spot nearby KFC restaurants and easily navigate to them. Adding to this, KFC launched a Takeover campaign to highlight relevant restaurant updates such as promotions and new products. The Takeover ads played an additional role of strengthening KFC’s brand image, emphasizing the chain’s affordable offers, quality products, and unique flavors.

Alongside the country-level campaigns, KFC also boosted its local presence. The brand focused on digital media outreach in areas where they had few to no billboards, and connected each of their franchises with Visiretail, a digital marketing platform to help them individually manage their own campaigns and investments.

”Waze plays an important role in our digital strategy because it’s a platform that delivers the right message to users near our restaurants at the perfect time.”

A powerful strategy with 4x results

To measure the effectiveness of this campaign in France, KFC worked with the Kantar Institute, who determined the impact of each channel on sales via a Marketing Mix Modeling study. Of all the channels, Waze came out on top with every euro invested generating €39 in restaurants, compared to an average of €10 for all media.

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KFC wanted to grow brand awareness and increase incremental visits to its locations in France.


During key meal times in France,  KFC ran Pins and Search alongside local messaging via Takeovers on Waze.


KFC generated an unprecedented ROAS of €39 per euro spent with Waze, compared to an average of €10 for other media.

About KFC France : A subsidiary of the Yum! Brands Group, KFC has been present in France for over 30 years and has over 300 restaurants throughout the country. Thanks to its 12,000 employees, the company serves more than 200,000 customers per day. A chicken expert, KFC France offers its customers an accessible offer based on quality products. These products come from rigorously selected supply chains and are cooked according to unique recipes and inimitable know-how. KFC France is a company committed to continuous improvement in terms of nutrition, animal welfare and the environment.
*CHD-Datassential study conducted for the Sandwich & Snack Show


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