Case Study

Lala partnered with Waze to strengthen its out-of-home campaigns

Mexico City is an unforgettable place, packed mouth-watering food options, one-of-a-kind architecture, and….quite a bit of traffic. In a city where people commute 90 minutes every day from home to work and vice versa, it’s essential to create clear, effective advertising messages for potential clients on their commutes. That’s why Mexican food company Lala, through its Digital Command Center and together with AdCity from ARENA Media, created a comprehensive strategy that combined high-impact ads in physical spaces (out-of-home) with advertising banners on Waze.

Breaking the online-offline barrier

This disruptive campaign sought to eliminate the line between offline and online to create brand awareness, as well as encourage users to visit Lala points of sale in Mexico City.

A campaign that stands out

Lala combined the data they had from their out-of-home point locations with real-time traffic information from Waze to map the areas of greatest influence for their advertising campaign in Mexico City. This powerful combination included the innovative approach of adding a unique variable: point-of-sale navigation.

With our agency we had valuable information on more than 50M of mobile devices in Mexico, and the collaboration with Waze invited us to do market intelligence not only by stopping planning the outside environment in a traditional way including layers of data that help us to be more precise, but also enhance this cross media effect.
Jorge Ramos, CMO & VP, Lala Dairy Derivatives

More impactful ads, more navigations

People who saw Lala’s ads on Waze started 41% more navigations to points of sale than those who did not see the ads. The campaign achieved a 285% increase in Ad recall and generated +40K navigations to points of sale. By bringing together online and offline messaging, Lala reached the busy commuters of Mexico City.

Get started

The Goal

Bring offline and online data together to boost advertising effectiveness and encourage visits to Lala points of sale.

The Approach

Combine out-of-home data with Waze real-time traffic data to find the areas where their advertising can be most impactful.

The Results

Found that those who saw their ads were 41% more likely to navigate to points of sale — increasing overall navigations by 40K and ad recall by 285%.


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