Case study

Le Mesturet sought diners who wanted a Parisian bistro, not just a restaurant

When Alain Fontaine opened up Le Mesturet in Paris, he wanted the restaurant, first and foremost, to be a bistro. “A bistro is a way of life,” says Alain. With chalkboard menus, empty bottles arranged as chandeliers, and a cozy interior, Le Mesturet offers home-style cooking at affordable prices.

His diners, Alain knows, aren’t living in the past. Today’s customers are mobile and tech-savvy, which is why Alain partnered with Waze to attract nearby drivers to stop by for a meal.

Guidance on directions and destinations

“Today, people who are driving are looking for restaurants,” says Alain. “Thanks to Waze, drivers can find you.” One recent customer mentioned that he had been driving around, trying to find a place to eat. For a little help, he clicked a restaurant icon on his Waze app and was pleased to learn that an old favorite — Le Mesturet — was nearby. Waze, says the customer, is his primary source of information while driving. Not only does it help him with directions, but it also offers practical information, like theaters and restaurants in the area.

Insights at a glance

It’s easy for Ewa Fontaine, a manager at Le Mesturet, to analyze her restaurant’s Waze campaign results. The dashboard overview is straightforward, she says, and she can access various summaries of campaign performance, take a look at the day-to-day spending, and adjust any levers based on new insights.

Waze has not only been very important for growth, but it also provides me with information -- it's a tool to help understand how people find us.
Alain Fontaine, Owner, Le Mesturet

New Consumers, New Insights

For Alain, the impact of partnering with Waze has been purely positive. Aside from a boost in business, Le Mesturet also benefited from the valuable insights that came with campaign reporting. “Waze gave us clients,” he says, “but it also gave me, as the head of the restaurant, extremely useful information in real-time.”

Get started

The Goal

Advertise to drivers in the area, helping first-timers and past customers (re)discover the restaurant.

The Approach

Launched a campaign on Waze Ads to showcase the restaurant to nearby drivers and easily direct them to the location.

The Results

Attracted more diners to the restaurant and gleaned valuable insights in real-time through campaign reporting.


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