Case study

Lincoln encouraged drivers to “embrace the moment” through an immersive in-car experience

Whenever a driver gets behind the wheel of a Lincoln, they expect a luxurious, high-quality driving experience. To showcase and celebrate the first Waze integration within Lincoln vehicle dashboards, Lincoln partnered with Waze to make the user experience even more immersive and engaging. The campaign that arose out of this partnership encouraged drivers to “embrace the moment” and explore some of Canada’s top locales — guided along the way by Lincoln and Waze.

Tapping into an engaged user base

Lincoln recognized Waze’s strong base of engaged users. The brand wanted to connect with these Waze users in order to promote the Lincoln MKC, boost engagement, and improve ad recall.

A customized, guided driving experience

Lincoln’s campaign provided drivers with the unique ability to customize their navigation icon within Waze to a Lincoln MKC. This helped Lincoln bring its brand to life, while allowing users to navigate to top locales in Canada using a unique branded experience.

Lincoln leads the way

Ads promoting the car appeared on 57,630 drives with 4,855 Wazers changing their navigation icon to the Lincoln MKC as a result. Drivers drove for 7,505 hours with the custom icon, helping Lincoln realize a 200% increase in ad recall as a result of the campaign. It’s clear Lincoln’s new campaign encouraged drivers to explore — with the Lincoln MKC acting as their trusted guide.

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The Goal

Promote the Lincoln MKC while boosting engagement and increasing ad recall.

The Approach

Partner with Waze to build a unique branded experience and guide users to top Canadian locales.

The Results

Encouraged 7,505 hours of driving with the custom Lincoln MKC icon and saw a 200% increase in ad recall.


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