Case study

Location Personalities turned Mojo Coffee drive-bys into drive-through sales

“The vibe of Mojo is all about love,” says Austin Moon, owner of Mojo Coffee. That’s why Mojo uses coffee as a way to connect people and bring them joy. But in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, making those memorable in-person connections became a bit more complicated. To boost brand awareness and increase drive-thru traffic during this difficult time, Mojo turned to Waze to launch Pins on the Waze map. Most importantly, they used Waze’s new location personality badges with which brands can adjust their Pins to indicate that their business has drive-through, among other information. With Waze as their digital billboard, Mojo Coffee found a way to delight customers and increase traffic — all while remaining safe.

Reaching customers, guaranteeing safety

Over 26,000 cars pass by Mojo Coffee’s Liberty Hill location each day. The team at Mojo Coffee wanted to direct these passing customers toward their drive-thru and make them aware that the business is practicing responsible safety protocols.

Waze spreads the word with new location personalities

To grab more market share among on-the-go customers, Mojo Coffee turned to Waze. They used Pins that placed Mojo Coffee icons on the Waze map. Drivers could click on these icons and be directed to the store. They also used Waze’s new location personalities badges to adjust these Pins during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the Pins would indicate that Mojo Coffee offers drive-through.

To be able to see how many navigation, how many searches, how many impressions have we had… [Waze] has been a very, very valuable tool for us to get our name out there and has actually had a significant increase in our business

Austin Moon, Owner, Mojo Coffee

Alerting passing drivers of drive-through coffee

Thanks to their partnership with Waze, Mojo Coffee was able to encourage more of those passing drivers to visit the drive-thru. They also successfully adjusted their marketing to let potential customers know that they could visit Mojo Coffee safely. With a little help from Waze, Mojo Coffee was able to connect with more coffee lovers — all while keeping customers and staff safe.

Get started

The Goal

Increase drive-thru traffic while letting customers know that Mojo is reacting responsibly to COVID-19.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to create Pins on the Waze app and use new location personalities badges that let customers know Mojo has safety protocols in place.

The Results

Successfully increased drive-thru traffic while keeping customers informed about updated safety practices.


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