Case study

Motiva reintroduced the iconic 76® brand to drivers across the eastern US

On the roads running from Texas to Maine to Florida, it had been a while since any driver had come across a 76® gas station. Fuel company Motiva wanted to continue expanding its retail business, and they needed the right brand to achieve their goal. “We have a place in American pop culture history,” says 76® Brand Manager Sonny Villarreal, recalling appearances of the station in cultural fixtures such as Jurassic Park and NASCAR. “We needed to find a way to reintroduce this iconic brand within our Motiva footprint. ” The answer, they quickly found out, lay in a strong digital marketing strategy.

Working toward a win-win

Motiva licenses and manages the 76® brand from Phillips 66® for the eastern US. Sonny and his team partnered with Waze Ads to reach the right drivers at the right time, aiming to generate more downloads for the My 76® app. The app offers drivers a discounted, nearly touch-free transactional experience. With 61% of consumers preferring to shop in places with contactless payment options, it was a convenient win-win that was just a few taps away.

Personalized messaging for good first impressions

When it comes to customer messaging, Motiva doesn’t believe that one size fits all. “Every market is different, and every customer we serve is different,” Sonny says. Through Waze, Motiva can better understand who they’re speaking to, and communicate with these customers more effectively and directly. Beyond increasing app downloads, Motiva was looking to form relationships with their new communities. “If we want to earn our place in these communities, we need to acknowledge our drivers and ensure that our messaging is tailored exclusively to them,” adds Sonny.

The digital landscape is changing daily, so we need to ensure that we are using optimal platforms that connect us 
 to our consumers on the road. Waze is that platform for us

Sonny Villarreal, 76® Brand Manager, Motiva

A successful reintroduction

Motiva’s marketing campaign audience was wide, ranging from those who are very familiar with the history of 76® to the younger generations encountering the brand for the first time. Refining and communicating the brand message was critical for Motiva. “While the brand is over 80 years old, we’re still redefining what the brand means to drivers,” says Sonny. Together with Waze, Motiva refined their messaging to make new, strong connections, while also rebuilding familiarity with former customers. As Sonny puts it, “orange is back — and we’re so proud to be part of the communities we serve.”

Get started

The Goal

Connect with communities of drivers in the eastern US, relaunch 76®, and increase My 76® app downloads.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to advertise to drivers, with a CTA to download the My 76® app.

The Results

Reached 18 million impressions in less than two months with 3,000 downloads in reintroducing the 76® brand.


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