Case study

Bear Brand used Waze to connect with Millennials on the road during Ramadan

Bear Brand, Nestlé's powdered milk brand, is a mainstay in homes across Southeast Asia. The month-long observance of Ramadan is a special time in this region — and a busy one as well. Given this, Bear Brand partnered with Waze Ads to connect with millennials during this holiday, launching a social media-driven campaign that promoted branded events and drives to stores.

A special chance to connect

Data show that media consumption among millennials increases during Ramadan, including a 40% increase in watch time on YouTube,1.5x more Google festive related searches and 1.2x more app downloads. Bear Brand wanted to use this opportunity to deliver branded messaging and reach millennials in an actionable way.

Getting data-driven with Waze

Bear Brand partnered with Waze to launch a comprehensive, data-driven campaign. One part of this plan involved connecting with drivers during “Mobile Moments” and help them navigate to Bear Brand events. Then the next phase of the campaign leveraged Waze Ads to direct users to points of purchase via geolocation technology, with the help of Inmobi. This campaign ultimately put users in closer proximity stores selling Bear Brand products, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Time to celebrate

The campaign led to a 10% increase in traffic to points of sale, and resulted in business growth of more than 17.2% during the festive month over the year prior. It also received the Silver Smarties award at MMA Indonesia. Thanks to forward-thinking marketing, Bear Brand was able to connect with millennials during one of the heaviest media consumption periods of the year.

Get started

The Goal

Reach millennials during Ramadan with actionable messaging.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to use geolocation that directs users to Bear Brand points of sale.

The Results

Increased traffic to points of sale by 10%, resulting in 17.2% business growth during Ramadan.


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