Case study

Nestlé partnered with Waze to reach moms on-the-go in Mexico City

Anyone who knows Mexico City knows how serious the city’s traffic is. And any parent who’s been stuck in a traffic jam knows how stir-crazy a car full of children can get. That’s why Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, partnered with Waze to reach moms on the road in Mexico City. Their innovative “Waze to Learn campaign” connected these on-the-go moms and their children with exciting interactive learning opportunities — delivered via Waze voice commands.

Lending moms a helping hand

Nestlé never passes up an opportunity to connect with families and make parents’ lives just a bit easier. In Mexico City, Nestlé wanted a unique and impactful way to reach on-the-go moms who were stuck in traffic and eager to engage their restless children in the car with them.

Making time fly in the car

To connect with these busy moms, Nestlé turned to Waze to help create an innovative set of 51 customized voice commands designed to engage children in learning activities. These commands prompted interaction with the brand on the road in real time. For instance, the voice commands might encourage children to say “Vroom!” when a traffic light turns green or clap when they reach their destination. This campaign was promoted both in native in-app placement as well as on social media, where Moms were invited to activate the Fun “Waze to Learn” voice commands during their trips to make their drives more exciting for everyone in the car.

Nestlé Excella Gold was launched on the market in 2015. This release was not communicated massively so the level of knowledge and consideration were low. Many mothers faced the challenge of overcoming their children's boredom as they traveled the city. The time lost in the car thus became an opportunity for Nestlé Excella Gold to play a significant role in the lives of mothers and the car, the perfect means to communicate through Waze.

Luz Dávila, Marketing Digital, Nestlé México

Boosting brand awareness...and moms’ moods

In just two months, the campaign broke the record for Waze downloads, with more than 217K downloads. During the campaign, 800K trips were made on Waze, with over 7.4M miles travelled. This campaign increased ad recall for Nestle’’s Excella Gold rice brand by 318% and registered 50K navigations to points of sale. Most importantly, the campaign was a lifeline for thousands of dedicated, on-the-go moms.

Get started

The Goal

Find an engaging way to connect with moms and children.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze to launch “Waze to Learn,” a voice command-driven set of on-the-go learning activities.

The Results

Broke the record for Waze downloads, while increasing ad recall by a whopping 318%.


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