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A bakery draws in drivers for a treat that will keep them coming back

Started by two friends who share a love for top-quality ingredients, Nothing Bundt Cakes is now a delicious franchise that continues to add more bakeries to its footprint. Previously, the marketing strategy focused chiefly on lower-funnel activities to grow online orders. When the marketing strategy shifted from a local to a national approach, the team seized the opportunity to add Waze to the channel mix, hoping to grow brand awareness and help drive purchases. Together with their agency, Ansira, Nothing Bundt Cakes designed a campaign to highlight nearby bakeries, draw in more bakery traffic, and reposition sweet treats from a seasonal celebration to an everyday occasion.

Building community, one cake at a time

While the cake business is heavily seasonal, including Waze in the expanded channel mix helped Nothing Bundt Cakes invest in growing bakery visits year around. By connecting with drivers nearby through Waze advertising, the bakeries could increase brand presence and strengthen its community. “We’ve got many communities on the bakery level. We talk about that all the time,” says Julie Lee, Director of Media and Communications. “Each bakery, their job first and foremost in marketing is to reach out to the community.”

Most of Nothing Bundt Cakes’ digital tactics are optimized to drive online orders. Still, Waze presented an excellent opportunity to focus on in-bakery visits leading to more impulse purchases and repeat guests. “We always say, the moment you taste our cake, you’ll be coming back,” adds Julie.

Increasing brand presence with evergreen campaigns

Nothing Bundt Cakes launched a strategy with Pins and Takeovers, featuring various cake sizes, as well as slices of cakes in their creative. They included messaging to encourage pre-ordering for special occasions — such as ordering as early as four weeks ahead for a Father’s Day cake — which meant they could extend holiday campaigns for longer durations. “We saw Waze as a lever to help us with awareness. Ultimately, we’re also measuring the success of walking into one of our bakeries and likely purchasing our cakes,” says Julie.

“The results are really successful. Right off the bat, we’re seeing, and we can tie revenue dollars to our ads in Waze. We’re really proud of that.”

Julie Lee, Director of Media and Communications, Nothing Bundt Cakes

Bakery visits surge during the campaign

As the campaign ran, guests began dropping in for a treat. “Waze exceeded our expectations,” says Yvonne Riggs, Associate Director at Ansira. “We weren’t expecting such a high volume of guests on a monthly basis.” The campaign surpassed the 50% navigation benchmark, consistently bringing 52% of navigations to bakeries. Overall, Waze drew in 58,398 guests in 5 months, resulting in a 369% return on marketing spend.

Looking forward, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Ansira are testing new ways to reach nearby guests, especially as Waze continues to expand its offerings. Striking a balance between its seasonal and evergreen campaigns, the team demonstrates to their communities that every day is a special occasion.

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Grow awareness and prompt impulsive in-bakery purchases by connecting with nearby drivers.


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The campaign drew in 58,398 guests in 5 months, resulting in a 369% return on marketing spend across all bakeries.


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