Case Study

OCESA used Waze in Mexico to better target their audience by musical tastes

OCESA is the leading entertainment events promoter company in Mexico and Latin America. Waze understood the behavior of OCESA’s audiences and their musical tastes by charting and correlating the most frequent destinations they visited in the application (e.g., those who go to electronic music bars are more likely to go to festivals). OCESA partnered with Waze to leverage this key data and target drivers based on musical preferences in order to boost awareness about their events and offers.

Striking the right chord with music lovers

OCESA wanted to be very strategic about finding the right audience in the car with an Always-On presence on Waze to keep Wazers informed about new events and concerts that OCESA offers in Mexico.

Crafting a pitch-perfect campaign

To generate brand awareness, OCESA and Waze targeted drivers by musical preferences. For example, if a driver had previously visited a venue with salsa music, they would see ads for an upcoming salsa concert that OCESA listed, and have the ability to purchase tickets directly from these ad units.

Waze and OCESA hit a high note

By leveraging audience insights to target its campaigns, Waze helped OCESA increase user engagement by 65%. OCESA’ approach to data-driven creative also helped increase brand recall to 93%, an increase of 140% from the previous year. Thanks to their partnership with Waze, OCESA found an effective way to connect with music lovers across Mexico.

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The Goal

Reach Mexico’s music lovers and inform them about upcoming OCESA events and offers.

The Approach

Used Waze insights to target drivers by musical preferences and serve them ads relevant to their preferences.

The Results

Increased user engagement by 65% and boosted brand recall to 93%, a 140% increase over the previous year.


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