Case study

CPG brand, Perrier, boosted in-store sales by 16%, while increase sales value by 17%

In addition to the media channels Perrier has historically utilized for its marketing campaigns, Perrier partnered with Waze to connect with millions of drivers to spread the word on their fine bulles brand, and to ultimately boost in-store sales. At the end of their campaign, Perrier set up a study with MarketingScan to measure the incremental sales generated through Waze ads.

Leveraging digital to connect with customers

Perrier integrated Waze into its media strategy by using Pins, Search Ads, and Takeovers, which they displayed for drivers near distributor locations. Through their messaging, Perrier increased brand awareness, and encouraged customers to buy their beverages. 

Measuring incremental impact

MarketingScan tracked and measured results from areas that used only traditional multimedia communication (TV + VOL) to serve as a benchmark, then compared them to results from areas with the additional Waze messaging.

Waze contributed to our overall media strategy by bringing our brand top of mind for customers right before they walked into the store, prompting a purchase.

Armelle Roulland, Nestlé Waters

Influencing shoppers nearing purchase

By allocating additional budget to Waze alongside multimedia communication (TV + VOL), Perrier generated a 16% increase in sales volume and a 17% increase in sales value. The brand also acquired new customers through the campaign, as results also revealed a 33% increase in Perrier shoppers.

Get started

The Goal

Spread awareness about Perrier’s fine bulles brand, and boost in-store sales.

The Approach

Launch Pins, Takeovers, and Search Ads to reach customers who are close to areas where they can purchase a Perrier beverage.

The Results

Perrier increased sales volume by 16%, and boosted sales value by 17%.


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