Case study

Energy company, Pertamina, targets millennials, generating 17.6K navigations

Energy company Pertamina understands that millennials are always on the go — which makes them the ideal customer base for Pertamina’s products. Unfortunately this tech-savvy cohort tends to see Pertamina as a traditional “old school” brand. To change that perception and engage Millennials, Pertamina partnered with Waze for a location-based automotive campaign. As 100% of Wazers are drivers, that means 100% of Wazers are Pertamina’s target audience.

An energy brand looks for energized Millennials

Pertamina wanted to drive traffic to its fuel stations and change the perception of Pertamina as a traditional and older oil & gas brand by connecting with young Millennials.

Waze fuels connections on the roads

To drive location awareness, drivers were alerted to nearby Pertamina fuel stations with Pins on the Waze map. To capture the right intention, Pertamina used always-on Search ads to stay top of mind for Wazers. Finally, to turn locations into destinations, Pertamina prompted Millennials on Waze near trendy hangout spots to fuel up with Takeover ads.

Pertamina reaches their target

Pertamina connected with its target audience, reaching 2.7M Millennial drivers on Waze. What’s more, the campaign generated 70,600 navigations to over 2,475 locations. With Waze as their partner, Pertamina is changing Millennials’ perception of their brand and connecting with a crucial group of on-the-go customers.

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The Goal

Connect with Millennials and drive traffic to fuel stations.

The Approach

Partnered with Waze and used a combination of Pins, Search and Takeover ads to reach drivers.

The Results

Reached 2.7M Millennial drivers and generated 70,600 naviations to over 2,475 Pertamina locations.


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