Case Study

Petz expands points of contact with Waze

Petz is the largest pet shop chain in Brazil, operating in 15 states and in the Federal District, with 124 stores. Its greatest differential is offering spaces, products and services in a single location so that customers and pets have the best possible experiences.

Domesticating new points of contact

In 2020, the pandemic brought a drastic reduction in the frequency of store visits. This prompted the company to invest both in the customers’ security as well as in the expansion of its digital strategies, focusing on multiple channel growth and in improving the consumer’s experience.

A pandemic in the way

The pandemic not only caused a significant reduction in store visits. It impacted the proper operation of the stores, with an increase in employee absenteeism and medical leave requests. It was necessary to prepare the stores in compliance with sanitary guidelines to assure consumers that they could continue shopping securely and confidently.

Location Personalities, a competitive strategy

One of the adopted strategies was the expansion of store pickup services. André Marinho, Petz Marketing Coordinator, says, “We increased our focus on multiple channels so that customers had better flexibility during pickup.” To realize this strategy, Petz used Waze Location Personalities, a native media format integrated to the app navigation that allows its users to search, filter and go to businesses with drive-thru or pickup options. This way, customers can go to the stores and make contactless purchases.

We noticed that campaign engagement increased during the pandemic because of the new tools, such as Location Personalities. We had a 36% engagement increase and a 22% increase in store visits, as opposed to the previous month (adoption month).

André Marinho, Petz Marketing Coordinator

Surprising Numbers

Before the implementation of this solution, Petz already used Waze’s tools for localization and as a communication platform. The use of Location Personalities reached far beyond, allowing consumers to find other stores on their route where they could pick up merchandise.

For Petz, the pandemic was a turning point that changed the behavior of the consumer, who now utilizes multiple channels much more. Waze, with its diverse tools, meets the needs of this consumer. André Marinho believes that these changes are here to stay. He concludes, “Today 100% of Petz stores offer pickup options and we strongly believe in this integrated system.”

Get started

The Objective

To promote safer purchasing experiences during the pandemic, offering stores with pickup options.

The Approach

Inclusion of the Location Personalities tool, to communicate to customers which stores in their route offer the pickup or drive-thru options.

The Results

The action resulted in an engagement increase of 36% and 22% increase in store visits as opposed to the previous month. Moreover, now 100% of Petz stores offer pickup services.


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