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Peugeot Spain amplifies ad recall and encourages drivers to stop by dealerships

When the world began returning to normal and more cars ventured out on the roads, Peugeot Spain knew it was time to remind customers of their brand and offerings. The French car manufacturer wanted to advertise its most recent model, the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered, aiming to accomplish two things: increase traffic to dealerships and accurately measure the impact of their marketing efforts.

For the campaign, Peugeot partnered with Waze. They had worked together previously, and the automaker knew the type of results and reporting the navigation app could offer. The two designed a campaign to highlight the Peugeot dealership network, increase ad recall, and drive up the number of in-app navigations to dealerships.

Building around traffic patterns

To get started, Peugeot provided Waze with the locations of dealerships across 12 Spanish regions. Waze then estimated traffic volumes in the areas surrounding the dealerships for May. With this foundational knowledge in hand, the teams began to design their campaign.

Garnering interest from near and far

Peugeot took a multi-pronged approach, launching Pins, Search, and Takeovers for different consumer moments. When a Waze user drove near a dealership, they would see a sponsored Pin of the location appearing in search results. If within a 10km radius of a dealership, the driver would see a Takeover ad while at a complete stop for four seconds or longer. The Takeover ads included options to “Save for later” or “Drive there,” depending on opening hours, and encouraged navigations to nearby dealerships.

Collaborating with Waze to boost our dealership presence has given us extraordinary results, which translated directly into customer and sales growth. After a year of limited mobility and spending around the world, it’s been the perfect way to remind drivers of our brand and what we offer.

Élodie Pradeille, Head of Digital Media, Peugeot

Measurable impact across metrics

Through the campaign, Peugeot connected with 80% of Waze users in the vicinity of their dealerships. This extensive reach ultimately generated awareness well beyond the industry benchmark, and Peugeot measured an ad recall lift of 72%.

Compared to the first week of the campaign, the last week achieved a 20% lower cost per navigation. A thorough analysis of Peugeot’s regional navigation market share showed that it had grown by an average of 4 percentage points because of the campaign.

The success of the campaign cemented Waze on Peugeot’s roadmap as a long-term advertising partner. “We’re so excited to continue our work together, and to find even more creative, impactful ways to reach our customers,” says Élodie Pradeille, Head of Digital Media at Peugeot.

Get started


Peugeot aimed to increase dealership visibility, boost navigation to those dealerships, and grow brand awareness.


The campaign launched with Pins, Search, and Takeovers with the option to “Save for later” or “Drive there.”


The automaker achieved a 72% increase in ad recall, brought cost per navigation down by 20%, and grew navigation market share by 4pp.


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