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Quick teams up with Waze to attract nearby drivers to their restaurants

To support the launch of their Intense Cheese menu items while operating around the pandemic’s curfew restrictions, Quick turned to Waze to launch a new advertising campaign. The campaign’s objective was twofold: spread the word about the new menu items, and attract more customers to their restaurants.

Showcasing brand new recipes

Quick launched a three-week Takeover campaign to promote its new Intense Cheese burger recipe, displaying ads to drivers when they were near their restaurants. Quick also had an ongoing strategy with Waze to showcase their locations on the Waze map with Pins, so that drivers could see exactly how close they were to their next meal.

Measuring impact on restaurant visits

As one of Quick’s overall goals was to boost visits to its physical locations, one of their key metrics was restaurant visits, and understanding how many were triggered by the Takeover campaign.

The Takeover format allowed us to reach an audience on the go, and measure the impact on our restaurant visits. This action effectively ensured the launch of a new recipe in our restaurants. We generated a satisfactory level of returns, which allowed additional visits in a context of curfews, which strongly penalize restaurant activities.

Pierre-Marie Fontana, Marketing Director, Quick

Waze and Quick, a winning recipe

By activating a three-week Takeover campaign to promote the Intense Cheese menu items in combination with Pins, Quick achieved its brand visibility goals by reaching 1.6M drivers near its restaurants. They also hit their performance targets, as they could attribute 77,100 visits to Takeover ads based on data reported by Adsquare. Ultimately, this resulted in a low cost per visit of 0.48 €, a highly effective rate for a successful campaign.

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Increase restaurant visits


Quick displayed Takeovers to drivers near their restaurants, promoting the brand’s Intense Cheese menu items


Quick saw 77,100 visits from their campaign, with a cost per visit of 0.48 €


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