Case study

French telecom, SFR, drove foot traffic by promoting Xiaomi products

To promote Xiaomi’s products within their stores, French mobile communications company SFR partnered with the electronics manufacturer to launch a digital campaign on Waze.

Combining dual objectives in one campaign

The two brands wanted to reach nearby customers, and combined both their objectives in one campaign. They aimed to increase visibility around SFR points of sale, while also generating consideration for Xiaomi’s promotional offers.

From visibility to foot traffic

Xiaomi and SFR turned to Waze formats to maximize their visibility and increase store traffic. Drivers navigating with Waze could see nearby SFR points of sale highlighted on their map with Pins. And when drivers used Waze Search, SFR stores would also appear as sponsored links. Through Takeovers, Xiaomi could easily communicate its message and offerings in the area, which helped generate navigations to the relevant SFR points of sale.

Reaching goals across visibility and navigations

With their month-long campaign, SFR reached 5.8M unique users, meeting its goal for increased visibility. SFR also achieved their drive-to-store objectives, as the Waze campaign helped them generate 36k trips to their stores at a low cost of € 2.79 per navigation.

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Maximize traffic in SFR stores and increase sales for electronics manufacturer Xiaomi


Activated Pins, Search Ads, and Takeovers to generate visibility for the SFR network and Xiaomi's promotional offers.


Reached 5.8M users and generated 36k navigations to SFR points of sale during a month-long campaign.


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