Case Study

An oil and gas company promotes points of sale for its high-performance motor oil.

Together with Waze, Shell Helix crafted a promotional strategy designed for their Quaker State brand in Mexico. Used by Ferrari in Formula 1 races, Quaker State motor oil is renowned worldwide for its high performance, output, and durability. Shell’s goal was to attract customers to their gas stations and to AutoZone stores — as opposed to automotive service centers — to get an oil change at a Quaker State point of sale.

Taking advantage of a recovering market

Despite a drop in navigations, Waze had noticed that during the peak of the pandemic, data pointed toward a recovery in Mexico. Between January and March 2020, auto services represented 38% of Waze destinations, but from October to November of that year, there was a 27% month-to-month increase. Waze’s understanding of the market drove Shell Helix’s decision to partner with them for their promotional campaign.  

Reaching customers through relevant searches

Shell Helix developed a campaign featuring creative display ads such as Pins, specific searches for AutoZone stores, and location Arrows on the Waze map for Shell gas stations.

People who are looking for quality head to specialized stores. This insight was key to rethinking how we executed our campaign and reduced the cost of navigation.Andrés Alvarado, Marketing Manager, BTC, Shell Helix

Changing customer behavior through navigations

As a result of the campaign, more drivers made their way to Quaker State motor oil points of sale. Between September 7 and December 30, 2020, Shell Helix saw 37,142 engagements with 11,204 as clicks and 8,220 navigations. In total, 222 ads were included among the searches for AutoZone stores and Shell gas stations.

Get started

The Goal

Attract more customers to Shell gas stations and AutoZone stores, where they can purchase Quaker State motor oil.

The Approach

Launched Pins for specific AutoZone searches, and showcased Arrows on Shell gas stations on the Waze map.

The Results

Achieved 8,220 navigations, which translated to a 41% increase.


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