Case Study

ŠKODA generates incremental visits to local dealerships via Waze

This past year marked an unprecedented era across industries, with automotive being no exception. To better navigate the uncertainty, one brand decided to invest in boosting local visibility. A long-time partner of Waze, ŠKODA has helped drivers locate and navigate to its dealerships through the app since 2015. They wondered, if they increased their marketing budget, whether Waze could help generate incremental visits to its points of sale (POS).

Setting up the experiment

For the month of March 2021, ŠKODA selected 80 dealerships around France to conduct an experiment on the impact of their investment. They displayed Takeover ads and increased Pin visibility to local drivers for those 80 dealerships, while the other locations operated under the current, always-on Waze strategy of Pins and Search.

Laying the groundwork for effective measurement

To measure the effect of the additional budget, ŠKODA and Waze worked together on a study following Google's Geo Experiment methodology. Ekstend Group, an expert in local marketing, consulting, and media strategy, helped run and coordinate operations. Through this proprietary methodology, ŠKODA could compare the volume of visits for two POS categories: the dealerships with increased visibility, and those that maintained their base level of discoverability on Waze. To accurately gather data from customer visits, ŠKODA partnered with SmartTraffik.

Greater impressions lead to increased visits

By dedicating additional budget to Waze, ŠKODA successfully increased visits to its dealerships by 13%, at a low cost of € 5.50 per incremental visit.

Get started

The Goal

Generate incremental visits to ŠKODA dealerships through Waze

The Approach

Invested in dealership visibility with Takeovers and additional Pins, then measured results with third-party partners

The Results

+ 13% incremental visits measured by SmartTraffik

€ 5.50 cost per incremental visit


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