Case Study

SPAR boosts sales up to 26% in gas station stores

SPAR draws its name from an acronym of a Dutch phrase that translates loosely to “All benefit from joint cooperation.” This ingrained culture of collaboration and partnership led the food retailer to team up with Waze in an effort to connect with drivers. As about half of SPAR’s stores are in gas stations, drivers are a primary audience, and the organization wanted to make sure they reached them at the right times, with the right message. “Waze really gives advertisers an edge to actually get their products and their propositions to a customer,” says Paul Deckers, Senior Digital Marketer at SPAR.

Immediate results, and insights for later

Soon after launching its campaign, SPAR began to see an uptick in sales volume across the promoted brands and products. They also realized that the Waze platform provided them with important insights about their key audiences — insights they could use to build future campaigns. Around the organization, teams started to get excited about the results and the potential. In particular, the Express team, an internal group of 17 focused on marketing for all SPAR Express stores, is constantly discussing new collaboration ideas with Waze, says Paul. Within the team, he explains, Waze is connected to most of our endeavors and a lot of the successes stem from that collaboration. This gives the team a constant incentive to activate campaigns even further by using the Waze platform.

Positive feedback from the top

The first week that SPAR began advertising products on Waze, the team received a delighted email from a board member. Many levels removed from the marketing team, she had been unaware of the campaign and was surprised to come across the ads while navigating with Waze. “She was very enthusiastic about it,” says Paul, emphasizing how the moment illustrated the high visibility and immediate impact SPAR saw with Waze from Day 1.

Strong results pave the way for national expansion

SPAR not only saw a huge increase in market share, but also a significant sales lift across two out of the three products they promoted in their campaign. By reaching out to drivers along both highway and non-highway gas station stores, SPAR increased its beverage sales by 21%-26% for both the Netherlands’ biggest energy drink and coffee brands. 

Once Paul spread the word about the results to the wider department, teams quickly sprung into action, planning to expand the campaign across the Netherlands and to non-gas station stores. The team has now established Waze as an always-on channel, and plans to continually evolve their marketing strategies as they gather new insights from each successive campaign.


Get started

The Goal

Increase the relevance of SPAR advertising for drivers, a major customer segment.

The Approach

Launch an advertising campaign promoting key products on Waze to a limited set of gas station stores across the Netherlands.

The Results

Increased sales of promoted products by up to 26% in both highway and non-highway gas station stores.


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