How in-car advertising fuels retail growth

As customers adapt to the new normal, retail retains its edge. To reach customers ready to spend in-store, brands need to harness the power of in-car advertising. With a trending shift away from public transportation and an uptick in personal vehicles, in-car advertising can now reach even more consumers during key moments, when they are ready to stop and shop en route.

Marketing strategies for the new normal

In this report, discover ways to maximize in-car opportunities for in-store sales:

  • Align marketing investments with consumer behavior: 90% of retail revenue stems from in-store, while only 40% of current campaigns are aimed at driving customers to stores.
  • Increase the impact of your messaging in the moment of decision-making: 30% of in-store shopping is historically unplanned, meaning that outreach to on-the-go customers can drive greater influence.
  • Future-proof your marketing strategy: 78% of purchases are expected to still be made in-store by 2024.

Download the full report to explore the latest research on consumer behavior, and learn how you can direct your marketing efforts toward driving customers — with an intent to purchase — into your store as the world starts moving again.

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