Restaurant strategies that are spicing up the new dining experience

While the pandemic initially caused havoc for most restaurant brands, it also spurred the industry to reinvent itself. Forced to re-imagine everything from menu items to delivery methods to technological advances, restaurants adapted and pivoted—and ultimately found a “next normal” that is leading to success.

This report examines the four trends that are likely to continue as restaurants position themselves to accommodate an influx of invigorated diners. After reading this playbook, you will understand the trends that are driving diners to in-person experiences—and be able to apply them to your business—including:

  • Reimagining the restaurant footprint to offer more flexible formats that meet the various needs of customers.
  • Utilizing technology differently to offer personalization, provide payment options, ease staffing shortages, and revitalize restaurant functions.
  • Promoting new perks for loyalty programs to acknowledge and reward repeat customers.
  • Creative messaging that reaches consumers in the moment of decision-making and creates awareness among all types of customers in your radius.

Download the full report to learn about steps you can take to make the most of these trends.

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